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As absolutely unique in the stock photo industry we offer you 50% !!! of all sales of your contents.

If you're interested to sell or share your contents on 3DStockContent.com - wether in 3D or just 2D - we offer our free and easy to use 3DSC Uploader application. It takes few minutes for an easy SIGN UP. After successful registration you'll get the 3DSC Uploader for free DOWNLOAD.

The 3DSC Uploader is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux systems allowing fast and secure FTP upload and keywording of your contents and english and german.

After approval your contents will appear in the categories choosen by you.

We're working continously to improve the application and make the upload process easy as possible. If you have ideas, suggestions - or you found a bug - we're happy to hear from you under info[at]3DStockContent.com

To give you best licence conditions for your personal needs - we offer you to share and/or sell your contents under a royalty-free licence (granting you all copyrights) or under a creative commons licence (to make sharing more flexible). If you're not sure about and you like to learn about the pros and cons feel free to contact us under info[at]3DStockContent.com

3DStockContent is developed and maintained by 3D users for 3D users to offer the best platform for this exciting and emerging technology.

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