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It's all about human vision in stereoscopic 3D - S3D. With years of expertise and know-how in international 3D industry we love to help you to etablish the emerging and exiting technologies of stereoscopic 3D viewing in your business. Our agnostic approach in choosing technology will help to find the best solution for your needs and any budget.
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S-3D Stock Contents: find all types of stereoscopic 3D contents (S-3D Photography, S-3D Video, 3D Models) and lots of 2D contents here on 3DStockContent.com - with different types of supported licences from royalty free to creative commons. Just check the left hand categories menu to get an overview.



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An important part of 3DStockContent.com is the huge collection of stereoscopic items - collect in the past over years and constantly growing. Thousands and thousands of stereoscopic slides and negatives, from the early years of photography up to these days waiting for archiving, conservation, and digitalization to be available for the public. To realize this engaged project we appreciate any type of help and funding.



Find a selection here by following this LINK



To learn more about stereoscopy, the history, and technical backgrounds follow this LINK.



Ralf Bierschenk, Bernhard Schipper



3D International Europe GmbH [DE]
3Dstreaming.IT |3D Stereoscopy WORLD| for free 100% [IT]
awater 3D [DE]
digital images GmbH [DE]
Stereo 3D Info [DE]



Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stereoskopie e.V. (DGS),
Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Fotografie e.V. (ZZF)
MDM Film Commission (Production Guide)


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